A Springtime Journey

When I set off from London the cherry blossom in the nearby church had been in tumultuous bloom for nearly a week, providing that brilliant lift to the eye and the spirit, especially when they leaven the grey stonework and when I’d forgotten that the trees were even there.

Driving north up the A1 many of the hedgerows and hillsides beside the road were light and bright with May blossom and daffodils already blowsy before shedding their petals.

As promised by the news reports, the traffic wasn’t as heavy as on some other holiday weekends, fear of fuel shortages and its extravagant price may have deterred drives.

My experience suggests, however, that they simply delayed their departures, as by the time Friday came all evidence suggested that lots of people were on the move.  So I had ample opportunity to observe the change in landscape and weather when I was stationary on the A66 (not really like its US namesake, apart from the fact that they’re both roads) going over Bowes Moor, one of the high points( in terms of altitude) of my journey.

It’s about 300 miles from London, but could be a different world.  I loved the way you could see the trace of the field divisions by the snow collected there, and track the direction of the prevailing wind from the angle of the grass at the side of the road.

And if there hadn’t been so much traffic, I’d never have stopped to take a photo.

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  1. Did you take the photos from your car, or did you actually get out and have a little stroll?

    • I’m afraid I took them from the car (I’ve cropped out the edges that would have revealed this!). Part of what was striking about it was the juxtaposition of the apparent wildness of the place, and the very busy road. Other than the road there’s not much by way of amenities – so local farmers are setting up the ‘service’ areas- but I’ve learnt to avoid them on bank holiday weekends!

  2. Beautiful Spring blossoms.


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