If at First You Don’t Succeed……

What with all that looking at the view and those days spent learning to draw; with the collection of paper, implements and general bits and pieces, really, I should have a go at sketching what I see, shouldn’t I?

They’re both a bit of a failure, if only because, without the sternness of the teacher to tell me it’s not finished yet, I did reach the point with each of them of thinking that whatever I did next wouldn’t improve them, and that I should just notch it up to experience.

Of course the one thing that was brought home when I was attempting to capture something of the colour of the view was that it changes constantly, depending on the position of the sun and the density of the clouds.  That’s fundamental to the fascination of the view, so how would I possibly reflect that, when during the time it took to make the marks on the paper the trees had gone through bright green to purple and dark grey, the loch from grey green to blue black, and the shoreline from invisible to golden?   So this combination of colours is not one that really existed contemporaneously (if any of them existed at all.)

One good thing came out of the exercise: it made me revisit Monet’s paintings of Rouen Cathedral…….

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  1. Lovely sketch, and clearly you enjoyed the process and the general calm around you in which to do it.
    By the way, where is Marmite?


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