Still Looking at Nature

I’m back in London again, but still looking at trees and the sky, it seems.  I had a few minutes this afternoon to sit in the garden at the centre of Gordon Square, watch the people walk by, and to look at the evidence of spring arriving in the city.  It’s a relatively quiet spot in an otherwise very busy part of town; there’s a roar of traffic, but it’s in an intermediate middle distance.

But, according to the board by the gate, the square gardens provide not only a quiet spot for office workers and university students to eat their lunch or make telephone calls away from their desks, it also provides an accommodating environment to encourage bio diversity.  Apparently, the presence of birds is a good indicator that the bio is reasonable diverse.  And, just in case you were going to complain that some of the beds around the perimeter of the gardens look a bit raggedy, they are left to grow as wildly as possible to encourage insects and therefore birds.

I was a bit surprised when I read the board; I suppose I’d expected it to contain information about the history of the park, who had designed it, or when it had been created.  But now, on reflection, it is the fact that there is a variety of trees, a sprinkling of flowers in the grass, that it’s tidy and looked after that makes it a pleasant place to spend time, so maybe it’s not such an odd thing to be explaining.

But not to be foiled, I did find some history of the square on the internet, and learned, again surprisingly, that there are listed structures in the gardens and thay are essentially all the railings and the pillars that hold them up.

See, you never know what random information will come your way……

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  1. Are those little snowdrops coming up under the tree? Very sweet and brave!

    • I think they’re sort of little pale bluebells rather than snowdrops, but there were very sweet.


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