The Light Bulbs are Next to the Cat Food

There was a lot on the news yesterday about the announcement of Tescos financial results; things about growth outside the UK, and the doldrums in.  Apparently, to address the loss of market share in the UK, they are going to take steps to ‘improve the customer experience’.  After my dispiriting experience earlier this week, I’m hoping they start with the one near me.

There’s a theory about the arrangement of the merchandise in a supermarket, isn’t there?  If not a theory per se, there must be a corporate manual that specifies what comes where.  I’m not really complaining about that; knowing the layout means I can get round the store as quickly as possible, as there is little pleasure in shopping of any variety.  What I don’t like is when, for no clear reason, they move something I want to buy from one end of the aisle to another, or from one shelf to another, so that instead of being able to go round on auto pilot, I have to pay attention to it, to focus on the distilled excess of it all and to go up aisles that I would normally avoid;  I have to try to work out logically where they might have put it.

It was this week that I realised that my mistake is to attempt to apply logic to it.  Yes, it’s true the apples are near the pears, the washing up liquid is near the soap powder, but where are the batteries, and the light bulbs?  If logic had anything to do with it wouldn’t they be with the household items, near other electrical goods?

I looked along the rows of kettles, computer printers, phones, mops, coffee machines, bin bags, televisions and sundry other non food items before giving up and asking a man who was organising a display of dishwasher tablets where the light bulbs were.  He nodded at me, and in a very matter of fact voice told me ‘next to the cat food’.  Not sure I’d heard correctly, I said ‘the cat food?’  And only then did he acknowledge that there was some surreal humour in the juxtaposition.

Of course the batteries weren’t anywhere near the light bulbs. That would make no sense, would it?

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  1. margaret

     /  April 19, 2012

    By curious chance shall waft through one of their stores this evening and shall check out your findings . It may just be a London thing! I do so agree with you though because have over the years noted some bizarre juxtapositions on the shelves .


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