Along the Line

So it’s back to a new term at the drawing school; same room, some of the same classmates and a new teacher.  The module is about composition, but the exhortation to be playful was high on the list.

It was all about line this week; making things using only lines.  I found myself producing things which I might easily have attempted as a child, making patterns joining dots with straight lines, using colouring pencils.  It was fun, and definitely different from last term where the focus was on representational pieces, but I’m not sure any of my efforts were particularly successful, as my default will usually be to aim for some kind of pattern.

Can’t wait to see what we do next week.

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  1. I see St. Basil’s, GUM & the mausoleum in your first picture…

    • I hadn’t noticed them before you mentioned it – but I see what you mean! I was just making patterns, but I guess something will always emerge…..


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