A Poet in Gordon Square

I am constantly confronted by my own ignorance.  Where in the past I might have thought that’s interesting, and immediately forgotten whatever it was that had momentarily attracted my attention, or sparked a fleeting curiosity, now, because of the blog, I pause, take a photo, have a little go on google, and tell you about it.

Neither of us may retain the information for very long, but some little snippet may stick; knowing myself it will be the most inconsequential piece of information, but it’s too late to worry about that now.

This week was my second evening class at Birkbeck, and, as is my wont, I was a few minutes early, so wandered around Gordon Square again.  And came across this statue.  As it was only unveiled last July, I’m not surprised I’d never noticed it before, but I’ll admit I’d never previously heard of the poet Tagore.  But now I have, and the Nobel website furnished me with lots more information.

Wandering Gordon Square may prove to be a fertile source of inspiration for more posts…….you’ve been warned!

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