Blue – A Photo

Determined to avoid the obvious which popped into my head uninvited when I read that the photo prompt for this week is ‘blue’, I also wanted to eschew pictures of sky and sea, here is one from the archived.  It’s of part of the Monastery at Sergiev Posad, a town about 40 miles outside of Moscow, and one of the places we always tried to take visitors.

But this was on a particularly cold and snowy day when I was on my look see visit before I went to work there.  I remember I was wearing a borrowed hat as my Russian hosts couldn’t believe I had come to the city in winter without something for me head, for both the cold and to show respect when entering the chapels and churches.

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  1. Stunning photo. What are those onion towers really called? not minarets, I don’t think.
    Now show us the hat.

    • Thanks Jill. I’m not sure of the name – I call them onion domes, but there may be something more technical!

  2. Yes, wonderful you could post the blue domed monastery instead. Fabulous. Did you ever see it with brilliant blue skies? I keep wondering how the two different blues would work together:)

    • Thank you for visiting. I did see it in blue sky……once, but regrettably my camera, badly affected by being taken out in the cold, died while I lived in Moscow, and,at the time, I couldn’t manage to get it fixed, so there are many things I have only my memory of.

      • Poor thing hated the cold? You should have bought it a hat of its own! the reason I asked is that the domes are a very unusual blue so that, with their golden central dome, and little crescent decorations, they must have been magnificent against the much paler blue sky. That’s something I would like to see, but I’ll settle for snow-laden winter skies very happily:)

      • You’ve had me thinking about the shots that I do have of Moscow, so I will rifle through them and see if I can find a blue on blue picture..!

      • Wouldn’t that be something, if you found one! It’ll turn up one day, out of the blue. probably, if you took one:)

  3. I found your entry interesting – and definitely unusual.

    • Thank you very much. I do try to find something off beam for the weekly challenge.

  4. wonderful blue roofs!


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