Drawing in Three Dimensions

Back in drawing class this week after half term we were given the task of making something out of string, masking tape, gaffer tape and thin strips of timber, all linear materials.

Class members who are more confident with pencil on paper than me, were a bit nonplussed by the instruction that no conventional  drawing  would be allowed.  I, on the other hand, as basically everything is new to me, am quite happy to have a go.  In fact, something about the craft-y element of activities like this, or the collage we did last term, gives me a great deal of enjoyment, as there appear to be fewer rules and no expectations s to what the outcome will be.

I had no plan.  I’ve always liked the little round table, so I appropriated it, and then explored the flexibility of the wooden strips.   A couple bent into nice circles for me, another broke into shards as soon as I touched it.  It brought back memories of hours spent playing Cat’s Cradle and plaiting wool as a child.  It’s just as well that there was an element of string rationing as we had a limited number of balls and a lot of demand from all members of the class otherwise I might have ended up with the whole table wrapped in the string.

I over egged it slightly toward the end, and went too far, so that the wooden ring snapped under the pressure, loosening the string, and overbalancing everything that was previous;y merely teetering on the edge of equilibrium.

In the final spell, before dismantling everything to tidy it all away, I indulged my fascination for plaiting both the string and the masking tape, to create a little explosion out of a knot hole in the wooden batting on the wall.

And while most of it went in the bin, I’ve kept the plaited string, as it took a while to do and  I expect it will reappear in some other form…….

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