Yellow Landscape

When did the planting of so many fields of rapeseed become a feature of every early summer?  I don’t remember there being the fields of such yellow when I was a child.  What has led to it; some extra subsidies, or a premium price for the oil?

This year there seemed to be a particularly abundant brightness to it all; the road north last month was lined both sides with acres of brilliant yellow, and the air was pungent with that odd peppery smell.

It’s over now; this week the landscape had returned to its normal green, but there’s still the memory of the yellow.

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  1. It was new to me till I went to Canada in the early 70s, where it was a marvel across the undulating prairie. I’d forgotten that it flowers so early, before the trees have their leaves even. What a sight for eyes starved of colour!

    • The size of the fields in Canada must make it quite a sight to see there. Here we have smaller fields in general, but still it looks like the land is on fire with light and colour.

      • You’re right Rowena – the scale of those undulating mustard prairies was amazing. But these roadside swathes look so vivid against the deep green fields – I can see how you say the ‘land is on fire with light and colour”. It’s fantastic:)

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