Getting Tied in Knots

This week was one of quite a struggle in drawing class.  As with last week, we started by building a sculpture from string, tape and thin timber.  I’d kept the long plaits of string I made last time, and put them into use straight away, as well as making new braids from folded masking tape.  I opted for a window mounted arrangement to ring the changes.  This was the bit of the process that I quite enjoyed.

As a second stage we had to draw what we had created.  This proved to be my undoing, as I found it almost impossible, bitterly regretting the circular and elliptical elements, which were really only the infrastructure for all the strings and other bits and pieces balanced on it.  I struggled to make it look like anything…..

Perhaps the most amusing episode of the day was when I was dismantling it and one of the artists who works in the building asked me about the braided string.  He apparently also works with plaits, through which he threads thin wire to give control over the shapes it makes.  He was also interesting in my technique for braiding masking tape, something he said he’d tried unsuccessfully.  Odd to find myself the expert; and even more amusing to see him retrieve the braided paper from the bin and take it away with him.

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  1. I love your ‘installation’. How did you make the circles? They look a bit like embroidery hoops.

    • Thanks Jill! I’m not sure it amounts to as much as an ‘installation’, but I’ll accept the compliment! The circles were made from long strips of very thin flexible timber (at least the ones in the piece were the flexible ones – the non flexible ones split into shards in my hands….) bound together with gaffer tape. It was much thinner than the wood I’ve seen used in embroidery hoops. I’ve no idea what else it might be used for. Is it possible that there is a line of timber solely used for playing about in a studio? Seems unlikely.


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