End of Term

This week was the last of term for my drawing class and the second week for working on a project of our own devising.  Last week I spent the day folding coloured paper into a pile of varying sized pyramids which reminded me of the hours I spent counting out forfeits  on similar things when I was a child.  I took a load of photographs of the ‘installation’ I made, and this week I had a go at drawing them in pastels, taking the photos as my starting point.

I was mainly interested in seeing if I could make them look three dimensional, and to find colours that wouldn’t look too candy coloured.  I spent a good while trying to decide on a composition…..

I’m pleased that I managed to achieve a three dimensional effect on the shapes I worked on, and wish I’d had more time to finish the piece, because the flat unworked areas of colour on the left are a bit too noticeable.  But I do like the scattering of little pieces in the foreground.

Remarkably this was also the first week I wanted more time to carry on working on the thing, usually I’m more than happy to stop for the review and chat with my classmates before packing up and going home.  Maybe I’m getting into the swing of it….

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  1. Like most things, the doing of it is more difficult than it might appear. I guess that’s one of the things you’re discovering, and you deserve credit for perseverance. (And I don’t mean stubborn perseverance in the face of inability – like my mother trying to learn to play contract bridge!). Don’t forget to sign your name 🙂

    • Thanks Jill! I certainly have learned a lot about how hard it can be to achieve the look you’re striving for, and can look at art works and see something new in them now. I might even go back and finish that piece or something similar as I was really enjoying playing with the colours; dirty hands face and clothes notwithstanding!


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