London Booster by David Cerny

I’m quite enjoying the odd and unexpected things which are appearing around London as part of the Cultural Olympiad running alongside the sports events of London 2012.

This is (obviously) a London bus doing press-ups.  And why not?  It’s created by Czech sculptor David Cerny.

It’s outside the Business Design Centre in Islington, which for the time of the games has been turned into the Czech Centre, outside which I took shelter when one of the monsoon type rain showers hit on Sunday afternoon.  It wasn’t moving while it rained, but when the sun came out again, off it went, up and down, up and down, in a smooth fluid cycle, grunting a little on the way, the lighting in the windows giving the impression that it was filled with bright blue water sloshing about and glinting in the light.

It made me smile, quite a feat when I was so wet, head to foot, after the rain.

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  1. Gorgeous! Someone’s really exercising their creativity!

    • It’s the sort of thing, others might think of, but not have the wherewithal to achieve.


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