A Day Out at the Olympics

So, having been an Olympic sceptic, I’ve decided to embrace the whole circus, and courtesy of an invitation from a friend, yesterday, I spent the day at the cross country stage of the Equestrian Three Day Event in Greenwich Park.  And a very nice day out it was, thanks to the weather and the generally jolly atmosphere.

I’m the first to confess that I don’t know anything at all about horses, but then I’d wager that most of the London visitors to the handball and waterpolo events know little of the sport they received tickets for in the ballot.

We were fortunate with sunshine, which made the park, and the views over the City from the high points, beautiful, and rewarded me with a pink nose, and meant that I carried my waterproof, plastic bags and umbrella for no reason other than that it had poured with rain on Sunday.

We tried various vantage points and saw a number of horses thunder past, as well as some near fallings off, a couple of wobbles, a refusal, and a fall from which both horse and rider emerged unhurt.  We also heard the crowd’s worried exclamation when there was a more serious fall just around the corner out of our eyeline.  We cheered along with everyone else for the British riders and held out breath until they had cleared all the obstacles.

We left before the end not really prepared to take the risk of the transport system coping with 50,000 people leaving all at once; the timing was good too because I left while I was still interested, but on the verge of having had enough.

I took loads of photos, but my little camera isn’t really up to getting too much detail at long distance, although I was pleased to get a splashy photo of Zara Philips in the first water jump; so here’s a little flavour of my day.

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  1. Excellent photos & love the little slideshow…Cutty Sark looked in fine fettle despite the ‘big black disabled access box. I enjoyed the TV documentary about Greenwich the other night, and your sharing compliments this for me…& I feel I have had a personal if second hand peek at the Olympic Games…your poor red nose!

    • Thanks Evelyn. I’m so glad it was yesterday rather than today as the weather has turned very wet again this morning, and the nose isn’t too bad this morning!


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