A Sign

I’ve had this one in the files for a while.  I’m not a dog owner, so I guess it’s not directed at me, but I noticed it on a lamp post in Haworth.  I thought they were blunt and to the point in Yorkshire, but this has more a passive aggressive tone to it, don’t you think?

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  1. It’s not just Yorkshire Rowena, there are these signs in Alexandra Park! I think the sarcastic tone is quite clever and attention-grabbing. The usual polite civic notices don’t cut it with people who think it’s OK to let their dogs…. I once got into a row with someone who had let the dog use my gateway!!

    • Uggh, that’s awful. Some dog owners……! I shall look out for the signs in Alexandra Park(!) I think we need some in our little local park too – it seems the grander they are, the less likely they are to pick up after their mutt.

  2. Cool sign!

  3. We could do with something more eye-catching here, judging from the state of my street when I walk down to the river – not to mention the river bank itself – but my opinion of people is pretty low right now, and I think most people don’t actually give a s*&t. This sign would also be too subtle for them.
    They expect that someone else will clean up after them and their revolting animals. Uncomplainingly, and for a pittance of a wage.

    • There’s nothing worse than the mess left behind, is there? But I don’t think everyone is to blame. Maybe Sartre was right that ‘hell is other people’, but I hope you’re feeling a bit more favourably disposed towards them today!

  4. David

     /  August 17, 2012

    Definitely passive aggressive.


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