All in the Name of Art

Cardboard, carpet, washable wallpaper, string, foam and wire

I suffered my first art related injury yesterday when I burnt the end of my finger with a glue gun.  I’d never known such a thing was possible as I’ve never seen or used the tool before.  If you haven’t either, let me warn you: the glue that comes out of one is very hot, and because of its glueness, it sticks tight, and you have to let it cool before you can get it off your skin.

We started the day at the Tate gallery looking at contemporary sculpture, in those rooms, which, if I’m to be completely honest, I usually walk straight through: the carpet tiles hanging from the wall, the upside down trees carved out of huge railway sleeper type blocks of wood.  Now, thanks to Fabia’s explanations, I at least know what it is I’m meant to be looking at and thinking about, even thought I’m not sure I shall be lingering next time I’m at the gallery.

Back at the studio the task was to make an abstract relief based on cardboard, and for the first hour or so, the only material we were allowed to use was just that, cardboard.  In my case, the box that had previously contained a flat back bedside cabinet.  With only that to play with, I ended up ‘deconstructing’ it (OK, ripping it apart) and focussing on its corrugations, so that when the goody bags of other materials were opened up to us, I made corrugations out of other things as well.

It was fun until about 4pm, which is, generally, when I start to feel as if I’ve had enough, and began pondering on the weirdness of spending all afternoon making something out of cardboard, string and hand shredded carpet offcuts…….

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  1. There is something a bit pre-school about it, but it all sounds like fun. Glue guns can be nasty, I’ve burnt myself a number of times 😦


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