Wire and Tape

With an attentive audience

Continuing my project to create something reflecting my observations on the nature of the relationship between groups of three people, moving on from the little clay curves I made on Thursday, I turned to fiddling about with wire.  One loop stands opposed to two intertwining loops.  It was seeing how the wire meshed together in an intertwining pattern that gave me the idea to increase the number of pieces of wire and to force them together under pressure.  The force pushing them together also thrust some of the shapes out and down.

Fortuitously this plays into possible interpretations that some part of the couple is trying to escape and to move away, while other parts are desperately entangled; but there is also a possibility that the single figure will also soon have its opportunity to take part in the dance.

Or it’s just curves of wire covered in tape on a cardboard base.

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  1. holdincornfield

     /  August 25, 2012

    I see the Sydney Opera House!

  2. Keep this up and you’ll be designing lampshades soon

  3. Your first photograph reminded me immediately of Hans Holbein the Younger’s ‘The Ambassadors’.

    • Crikey. Thank you!

      • An art room is never the best place to view work, but the fact pictures can be viewed in close up on this site allows us to see the great effort you put into all these ‘experiments’ in your sculpture week…well worth sharing, and each day made an interesting read.

      • Thanks Evelyn. It’s fun to have a go, but even I’m not sure about the results!

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