Blue Skies

It’s sunny, I’m at the seaside, and even though it’s probably the last hurrah of summer, I’m feeling drowsy and just on the wrong side of idle.

Yesterday afternoon we spent a an hour longer than I’d paid for in the pay and display car park, wandering the streets of Rye.  Home of Henry James for a number of years, as well Paul Nash, the old part of the town, narrow streets paved with hard to walk on shingle, timbered houses with crooked roofs and idiosyncratic names, stays just about manages to avoid a feeling of Disneyfication.

There, they are already on their winter timetable, and some of the shops were closed, Henry James’ house only opens on a Saturday, and by 5 o’clock everyone else seemed to have gone home.  Those shops that had stayed open for us enjoyed a small spike in trading as we found a number of things which had our names on them.

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  1. I am enjoying your seaside days out as much as I enjoyed your sculpture classes, especially as I rarely go more than 10 miles from my home these days…and you reminded me of a family day out 20 years ago…5am drive to The Bamboo Nursery close to Rye, quick tour of the town, grab two dressed crabs, drive to Leytonstone, deposit baby James with aunt, tube to Chelsea Flower Show, collect baby and drive home to Berkshire. Yes, I really appreciate all your travel writings, happy now to stay close to home. Your photos are an inspiration too, still haunted by the glimpse of Beachy Head.

    • Thanks Evelyn. That souinds like a fantastic, action packed day out! The fresh dressed crabs are delicious – I indulged the day at Dungeness. This week has been the best I’ve spent in Hastings for ages. Tje brilliant weather has helped, but there is also a new energy to the place. Long may it continue.

  2. Looks like a couple of glasses of dry white had your name on them!…
    I didn’t HJ had lived there. It sounds rather quaint.


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