Life, But Not as We Know It

A life model, measurement and proportion, and you just know it’s not going to be my favourite session in this term’s drawing class.

I know the point of trying to draw the human form is because it’s difficult, and I certainly find it so, but my dislike of it is more than that.  The impetus that set me on the path of learning to draw as an adult after having drawn nothing since an unfortunate  incident involving a stuffed deer in the Kelvingrove Museum and an inter-school art competition in the mid 1970s, was a desire to draw landscapes, scenery and buildings.  The idea of drawing people never even crossed my mind;  I’m not even that fussed about looking at figurative paintings in galleries.

Today, I finally surrendered and confessed that I was much more interested in the drapery behind the model than the person herself, and looking at the drawing I produced, I think that’s fairly clear.

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