Foliage – A Photo

With thanks to Ailsa for inviting me to join her travel theme photo circle, here is my offering on the idea of ‘foliage’.   While we’re facing autumn here in London, and a very tempestuous one it is, and while I love all the changes in the seasons, I’m still hankering a little bit for spring.

I took this in May, early evening, when I was killing time in Gordon Square, Bloomsbury, before an evening class.  I’d just discovered that the camera I’d had for five years had settings on it called ‘beach’, snow, indoors, fireworks and foliage, and I was playing, taking shots of the same view from my park bench on the various settings.  Typically, I can’t remember on which setting this one was taken, but I don’t think it was foliage.  Nevertheless, it is the one I prefer, I think because  not only does it show the line of trees, but also that stray bit of cow parsley just insisted in being in shot.

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