Mine – A Photo

This is my piano.  You’ll be correct if you have concluded that I rarely play it (mainly because I have little talent for it), but I like it as a piece of furniture and, as I don’t have a mantelpiece, I treat it rather as a substitute.  If I received a party invitation on nice thick card, this would be where I’d stand it.   It’s long been the place to display a collection of photographs, but only relatively recently has it accrued that layer of catalogues and programmes.

The Russian  lady in red is a tea cosy, in case you were wondering.  She’s never been used as a cosy though; I bought her in Moscow to brighten up my flat there, and because she made me smile.

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  1. I was wondering about her. She’s lovely. And what’s in the cardboard boxes??? It’s amazing how a photo of a “tableau” from someone’s home like this can reveal so many interesting and surprising things about that person….

    • On no – the cardboard boxes! You should be proud of me Jill, they’re empty, but I can’t throw them away because they might be useful! The one on the top is currently being used as a place to store other cardboard before I take it out to the recycling bin. I’ve stopped noticing that they’re there, but now the world has seen them I’m going to have to do something about them!

  2. The fine Matryoshka doll looks remarcably like you Rowena.
    I note the jolly Russian Lady in Red seems to be clutching a little duster, I see no Dust Bunnies.

    • I shall look at the matryoshka differently now. As for the dust bunnies, the lady in red must be cleaning after I’ve gone to bed!

  3. bashothegreat

     /  October 3, 2012

    It looks like a nice piano – you should take some lessons, maybe unlock a hidden gift!

    • Thanks! But I had a lot of lessons, admittedly a long time ago; and I think I established that I had no real aptitude for it!


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