Garlic, a Fir Cone, Four Books and a Blow Torch-y Looking Thing

It could be one of those writing exercises to come up with a story in which each of these random words is used at least once, but it’s not; it’s a still life arrangement, of which I spent most of Friday attempting to create a tonal drawing.

I had a little help with it, but I did manage to get the fir cone to look nearly like a fir cone, after it spent most of the day looking much more like an Easter egg.  And even though they look a little bit pale, I was pleased that I managed to get the angles of the books approximately right.  All of that took me so long, I didn’t really get to grips with the blow torchy looking thing.

It’s a time consuming process this learning to draw lark…….

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  1. Man up Miss Dunn. It’s a Blow Torch!
    Well executed.
    Now go buy a PinkBlowTorchyThing for your kitchen and make lashings of Crème brûlée.

    • Thanks Evelyn. I wasn’t sure. It was all shiny brass, so I wasn’t sure what it was. Is’t it all a bit Heston B to be using a blow torch in the kitchen?!

      • TESCO Pink Coloured Blowtorch £11.99
        “We just love this funky little Kitchen Craft blowtorch – which will make Crème brûlée to be proud of.” Everybody has one…?

      • I’ve never felt the lack of one, but if I ever do, I’ll know where to go, thanks!

  2. Interesting combination… I think on of the book titles should be Dracula 🙂

  3. Love it. I particularly like the blow torchy thing, you’ve managed to capture the essence of a hand tool !!!

    • Thanks Jill! It wasn’t my first choice of subject – the teacher had set up four contrasting arrangements, and I really wanted to do the bowl of apples, wine bottle and glass of water a la Cézanne, but everyone else crowded round that one before I could get there!

  4. The fir cone is very good, and the garlic has lovely depth & shape. I get the impression of the papery skin.


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