On Display – Travel Photos

Market stalls, especially fruit and vegetables, or textiles and ceramics always feature heavily in any stock of photographs from my travels.  Who buys that, and what do they do with it when they have?

When I was in Barbados last year I had the same conversation with lady stall holders every day when I was trying out the vegetables they had for sale.

‘How do you cook it?’

‘You can fry it,’ said Lady A

‘You can boil it,’ said Lady B

‘Or have it wid rice,’ said Lady C, from the doorstep in which she was sitting some several feet away.

I took these pictures of a row of shops in Athens a couple of years ago; clearly those with ecclesiastical needs would know exactly where to go for all the tools of their trade.  How fierce can the competition be between the neighbouring purveyors of incense thuribles  and brocade cloths?  Would you have to show some religious connection in order to be able to buy a bishop’s hat?  Or is a sale a sale, and anyone could have one?  Would you wear that, or display it?  So many questions for which unfortunately, this time, I was unable to find specific answers, but I suspect,  if the lesson learned from the Bajan ladies is anything to go by, you could do pretty much anything you like with any of the objects.

With thanks to Ailsa for her suggestion of On Display as the travel theme for this week.

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  1. Glorious hats (crowns?). Bet they cost a pretty drachma.

    • They didn’t seem to be the sort of shops to put prices on things! They’re probably not selling many of them at the moment.


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