Inside the Royal Exchange

The Royal Exchange is one of the buildings beside the Bank of England; it’s fronted with classical columns and there’s a statue of a man on in the little park area in beside it.  There are a few seats, and on dry days people congregate there to take advantage of one of the few places in that area that you can sit outside.

I’ve waited there several times, for various reasons, and once, last year I even had a go at sketching it, instead of my usual past time of people watching.

Until yesterday, if I’d ever thought about it, I’d assumed that the building contained offices, like everywhere around it.  But I discovered my error when a friend suggested meeting there for lunch. And, as you know, I do like find out about things in London that I’ve never known before

Inside there are several of those sort of glossy jewellery shops with only two things in the window, neither of which are priced, as well as a couple of cafés and restaurants, which, although dominated by men in suits, looked inviting and without that hard City edge of so many places in the Square Mile.

Now I know where I can kill some time on a rainy day too.

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  1. It looks pretty imposing, on the inside too. Don’t know if I could sit too comfortably in there!

    • It felt quite relaxed and, don’t tell anyone else, it’s got freely accessible toilets, and in London these days that’s valuable information!


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