On not Eating Apples

For class this week we were each invited to bring in an item to contribute to a still life.  At the start of the session, everything was laid out on a table as a sort of show and tell, and to avoid argument and so we could just get on with it, we were put together in groups.

I had brought an old pair of shoes and some bags as my contribution, but realised very quickly that they would look out of place in the largely decorative collection; in particular they weren’t going to go very well with the Ganesh and  lantern brought in by my classmates, together with other bits and pieces from the art room cupboard.  So in the end, to compete a pleasing composition, I offered up my scarf, a large piece of silk brought back from India by a friend for me many years ago, and the two apples I had with me for my mid morning elevenses.

So no chance of eating the fruit until everyone had completed their drawings on the end of the day, and a bit of a drafty neck when I went outside at lunchtime.  All in the name of art…..

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  1. Interesting composition – but I can’t help thinking that your old shoes would have livened things up a bit. (Were they trainers or were they high-steppin’ sequinned platforms?)


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