Travel Theme – Couples

I’m still going through the pile of photograph albums I’ve not looked at for too long, to load some of the better pictures onto the computer for a project I’m planning.  Some of the prints, especially those I had processed in Moscow, have not aged well, or maybe the colour was always a bit odd, or maybe I’m just too used, these days, to editing my pictures, zooming in, lightening, brightening and intensifying.

Nonetheless, it’s been a great memory stirring exercise.  I’ve been fortunate to visit Hong Kong a number of times.  My recent visits were to visit friends, and I developed a feeling of such familiarity that I didn’t take that many photos, however on my first trips I took scores.

This one was taken on a trip probably in 1994; crucially, before the handover back to China in 1997, when I stayed with a friend who was living in the far north of the New Territories and working as an English teacher to Gurkha soldiers serving in the British army patrolling the border.

I don’t remember exactly where the photo was taken, but I liked the fact that these women were both wearing the same style of hat, favoured, in that area, by people who have outdoors jobs, and were both carrying carrier bags from ParknShop, the local supermarket chain.

Thanks to Ailsa for the travel theme prompt this week.

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  1. love those hats!

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