Foreign – A Photo

‘Foreign’ does rather depend on one’s perspective doesn’t it?  What’s foreign for me, might be native and natural to you.

For a reason I can’t quite put my finger on, I’m a bit troubled by this weeks photo challenge; I don’t want to put up something to point at as ‘other’.

So instead I’ll turn it the’ other’ way around.  Even though it looks most unlikely, this is local to me today, but may be foreign to you.

It’s a Highland cow, part of a small herd which lives at Cove Park as pets, to graze on the grass to keep it in check.  They’re not fierce, but are extremely short sighted, not helped by all that hair in their eyes, useful for keeping the annoyingly persistent flies away, but somewhat limiting their ability to see you coming, so if you want to walk by them, it’s best to make a lot of noise on the approach.  Usually, they’ll peer at you for a moment, and then lumber out of your way.

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  1. Pets? Those horns look potentially dangerous. Definitely foreign to me!

    • They’re ‘pets’ in that they’re not ‘farm’ animals kept for their meat or milk….. I’ve not seen them use their horns for anything, but I wouldn’t ever want to surprise them!

  2. Exactly – could be a bit like pointing a finger, Rowena – I wasn’t very keen on it either. So a lovely foreign cow – and yours is certainly foreign to me! All that fur/hair would have it sweltering here – though not perhaps today! There’s a huge depression building into a cyclonic system in the Bay of Bengal and it’s definitely nippy in Paradise today. I’m wearing a shawl 🙂 Now that’s pretty foreign too!

    • There’s a lot of weather about today! I’ve just been listening to the news of the US east close closing down in anticipation of a big storm.

      Needing a shawl paints a different picture of paradise for me this morning. It’s good to recalibrate ‘foreign’ every now and again.

  3. sharpword

     /  October 29, 2012

    Foreign Another f word there eh? When a Brit says eh, does he mean aaay, eh, eye or a?
    In Canada we say eh meaning hunh? but eh is cleaner and more elegant.

    I like your hat rowena it would not be foreign here today we got 7 inches of snow yesterday and last night.

    One amazing thing , when we get a heavy snow like this the world is suddenly ‘very quiet.’

    Thanks for visiting my blog please do come back and visit again.

    • Eh? can mean the same in the UK, to reinforce the question. On its own it might also indicate a failure to have heard a question, but I understand you!

      That would be the perfect hat for lots of snow – it’s my Moscow hat, from when I lived there in the 1990s. I don’t have much opportunity to wear it in London, but I’m too fond of it to let it go.

      Snow does dampen noise down doesn’t it?

      I will visit your blog again; and thanks for commenting again today.


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