Scene: Interior, Sunday morning, rain beating against the window, fire in the grate.

S is sitting in an easy chair, her glasses on the end of her nose, pen in one hand folded newspaper in the other.  R is lying on the sofa, her feet resting over the arm, her eyes closed.

S reading intently: 12 down, Mathematician and physicist, born 1643, two words, 5 and 6.  I, three somethings, C, 6 blanks.

R: Yes.  We know that one.

S: Who?

R: Oh I can’t think of his name.  But, you know, the one who had the apple fall on his head……worked out gravity.

S: William Tell?

R:  No!

S: Doesn’t fit anyway.

R, sitting up: Newton!

S: I knew it was Isaac something.

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  1. Sisters or mother and daughter? Two people who know each other very well … still chuckling 🙂


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