Not a Likeness

I returned to drawing class after the half term break last week with less enthusiasm than one might have anticipated today, as I knew that we would be doing a portrait; not my favourite thing…at all.  I so much prefer the inanimate to the animate.

At each stage I was convinced that the next mark I was about to make would ruin the thing, so I took a couple of work in progress shots; and it is quite interesting to see the evolution.

I’m prepared to admit that the end result looks like a person, regrettably not the person of whom I was attempting to capture a likeness….

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  1. I’m thinking wow. For someone who is so self-deprecating about their drawing skills, you’re not too shabby, kid! You’re getting to the stage where others will say, “But she just makes it look so easy!”….

    • Thanks…..I can see that I’m improving, and have more of a handle on how to do all that shading, which used to be a complete mystery to me, but I was a bit disappointed that it didn’t really look anything like the model!


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