Geometry – A Photo

One of the things I have learnt during my attempts to learn to draw is that I am attracted to the patterns in things.  Until then, I’d always thought that this was what everyone saw when they looked at the world around them, but it seems not.   I’ve been going through old photos recently, and each time I see a shot of a pattern of bricks or a detail in a building, I wonder if there are others out there who might have taken a similar shot.

I’ve my fair share of sunsets and mountain vistas, as well as groups of friends in various places and disguises, but particularly when I’ve been to archaeological sites there is a definite preponderance of carefully arranges bricks and blocks of stone.

This one was taken in Mexico in 1994, and because my labelling of photographs is woeful, I’m guessing this was at Uxmal, or a smaller Mayan site nearby.  These carving purported to be of Chac, one of the Mayan gods.

The hotel I stayed in was in such close proximity to the Uxmal site that I benefited from the sound element of the Son et Lumière show from my bedroom.  The voice artist performing had such a dramatic, staccato way of barking out the name of Chac, that it is, even now impossible to look at the pictures of the ruins without hearing his voice.

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