Bright – A Photo

There’s nothing that I like better than a length of brightly woven fabric, or an interesting piece of ceramics, and when travelling somewhere new, there is nothing more exciting than hearing about the location of a market, so trips to South America have always seen me laden down with new purchases on my return home.

This local market was in Peru.  At the time, in 1996, I was living in Moscow, to which I had transported only a bare minimum of domestic items from London, and was therefore  in constant search for things to make my flat there feel more homely.  The consequence was that I ended up surrounded by an odd collection of  Russian pictures, tea pots and lacquer wear, with a generous helping of lengths of Mexican and Peruvian textiles which I used to cover up my oddly upholstered furniture….all to brighten up those long dark days in the winter.

With thanks to Ailsa for this weeks travel theme prompt.

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  1. I would have gone NUTS in that market!!! I’m excited just looking at your photo!

    • I don’t recall exactly what I bought there, but I still have quite a bit of South American fabric scattered around the place! The only limitation on my purchases was my ability to carry it all home.

  2. Beyond bright, Rowena! Your Moscow apartment must have been like an exotic bloom in a sea of snow and grey skies 🙂

    Another one for you. Sorry but can’t help it, you will always be my favourite!!!

    • That’s really lovely Jill, thank you! It may take me a little while to pass it on, but I’m honoured to be a favourite.

  4. Reblogged this on Irene Manning's PLN and commented:
    I love this photo. Its true, bright fabrics are lovely and they bring happiness into the day.

    • Thank you. Yes, we all need a little colour in our day, and having something beautiful from a trip brings back the memories of the people and places too.


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