Soft – A Travel Theme Photo

Last week I went to rural North Norfolk for a couple of days and stayed in a small cottage on the edge of a tract of farmland.  As the weather was sunny the thing  was to take advantage and to go out and explore the area on foot.

It’s sugar beat harvest time, and the thrum of tractors was in the air during all the hours of daylight; and the pile of beats grew bigger each time we walked by.  Although it wasn’t raining, the evidence of the wet, sometimes deep and slippery mud was showed there had been plenty of precipitation recently, and the frequent passage of the tractor pulling a trailer of newly dug sugar had churned up the path and bridleway.

It all might be a bit CSI, but I was fascinated by the pattern left by the tyres in the soft earth.

Thanks to Ailsa’s travel theme for prompting me to find a use for this photo!

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  1. Travel Theme: Soft | mothergrogan

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