Water and Lights

Time was, not that long ago, when it would have been fairly hazardous to wander around the Kings Cross area of London after dark, and in truth, there would have been few reasons to do so, dominated as it has been by huge construction projects.  But a couple of nights ago I found myself in the vicinity with a few moments to kill, and so had a little look around.  The last time I’d been at the station, I’d noticed a pathway between two rows of hoardings, into which a lot of people seemed to be heading; so this week I went to satisfy my curiosity as to what is at the end of it.

I was amused to note that the pathway between two building sites revels in the name King’s Boulevard, and terminates at Goods Way.  Satisfied that it was just a cut through the redevelopment area, I was about to turn back, when some undulating lights in the distance caught my eye, and this is what I found.

How easily I am entertained; a few spouts of water and the play of changing lights and colours and I passed a quarter of an hour happily watching the patterns and pulses of water and light in the forecourt of what I believe is one of the buildings of London University of the Arts.

Sometimes it pays to wander…..

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  1. Definitely – I find it usually pays to wander!!! — which for me is a euphemism for getting lost.
    I have this stuck on my kitchen wall: “To lose one’s way is one way of finding it.” Old African proverb, apparently. I get lost in shopping centres, parking garages, art galleries, you name it. One day I’m going to lose myself.

    • I like that thought. I’ve always been a ‘wanderer’ but generally speaking know, at least, which direction I’m facing most of the time. But making a concious note of what I find when I’m ‘off piste’ is directly linked to this blogging adventure – now I collect the little nuggets as material!


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