Adding a Bit, Taking Off a Bit

This was week 3 of working on ‘the long draw’.  At the end of the last class I had no idea what I could do to the thing next.  This is where I left it….

IMG_2864After we’d spent some while contemplating our own pieces for the first few minutes of the day, we were all somewhat startled to be instructed to move one place to the left and to make the adjustments we considered most pressing to our classmate’s work.  I stared at the delicate face drawn painstakingly in a series of pointiliste dots, crafted over two weeks on the paper in front of me, and couldn’t bear to touch it.

So much work had gone into the face and head that I thought it needed to be emphasised more by being seen against a much darker background; at the same time as I decided this I could hear my neighbour discussing how much of the dark background she was going to take out of my piece, so I was extremely reluctant to impose my ‘dark background phase’ on someone else’s work.

I delayed for so long, that coffee break arrived before I ‘d made any change, and afterwards we were allowed to return to our own drawings, where areas of mine had been knocked right back and where, subsequently, a much darker background did improve my classmate’s work.

Over the rest of the day I fiddled on, applying bits of chalk and charcoal here, and rubbing other bits off there.

And this is where it finally ended up.  I’m still not sure what to make of it; it’s really quite peculiar, but different to anything I’ve produced before, and notwithstanding the chaotic marks, there is some order to it.


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  1. There you go! 🙂

  2. It’s interesting to see how your person has changed shape subtly over time. Why does it make me think of a puppet?

    • It could be that he’s rather static and the fact that I put in the lines for the strings which were suspended from the ceiling to give us clear verticals against which to measure….unfortunately the exercise didn’t convert me to a liking of life drawing.


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