Reflections – A Photo

IMG_1280The suggestion of ‘reflections’ for this week’s photo has come at an opportune time, when I have been reflecting on the future of this blog.

It’s not even that it’s an anniversary, unless 23 months could be treated like one or indeed unless 682 posts is some kind of landmark, but latterly I’ve been wondering at the diffuse nature of what I’ve been writing.  At the outset, the idea was to write something every day, and that exercise of itself, because I am so motivated by a deadline, brought out some interesting ideas.   Now I think I need to refocus again.

Bear with me in my reflecting phase.

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  1. Feeling a bit uneasy about this….

    • No need. I’ve just been feeling that some of my recent posts have been a bit, well, dull. I have been invited to a press private view of a show at the National Gallery, which feels like a bit of an endorsement for the art review posts I’ve done. So I’ll be carrying on, but when I’m writing and not going out much, the blog may have to be a bit more intermittent…..

      • Your recent posts haven’t been dull at all, in fact there are a couple that I am saving to reread and comment on later, there is a lovely meatiness about them! I do enjoy your art reviews, as well as your updates on your own progress, so I’m not surprised that other people have picked up on this as well. I think you have an excellent eye and a talent for research, obviously, but without any of the pretentiousness that so often characterises this type of commentary. And you always pay attention to the context, without which nothing has much meaning, in my view.
        Oh, and while I’m doing the whole praise thing here, you also have a very good ear for dialogue. The crossword puzzle scenario stands out in my mind. Loved it.

      • That’s really sweet of you. Thank you. I really appreciate having such an enthusiastic reader. I’m not giving up, just thinking about what it is I’m trying to achieve with it.

  2. Catherine

     /  December 2, 2012

    Definitely not dull (although a periodic refocus is good, too)

  3. Although I haven’t been following your blog the whole time you’ve been doing it, I’m very impressed both by your astonishing commitment to posting almost every day and also the wide range of topics on which you can write in an interesting and informed way – music, theatre, art, photography, writing… I find it a big undertaking posting once a week! I’m not suprised you feel a bit burnt out – have you considered just posting once or twice a week? Above all, please don’t give up!

    • Thank you very much, Isabel. You’re right – it’s perhaps that I am feeling a bit burnt out by it. I plan on having more days off, and intend to do fewer ‘filler in’ posts.


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