Hum and Yellow

IMG00702-20121209-0844This is Hum and his cohort Yellow.  Hum is a dehumidifier who is staying with me for the moment.  I collected him from a hire shop on Thursday morning, and he barely fit into the back of my car, but I so wanted him to visit that I insisted he squash in however he could. He’s been working non stop since he arrived.

He’s doing sterling service condensing the humidity resulting from a significant influx of water on Wednesday night.  I’ve got him for a week but I don’t anticipate he’ll have a chance of early parole…….

I’ve been living with his constant thrum in the background since Thursday mid morning, and although I’m happy with what he’s doing, the noise he’s making is beginning to get inside my head.  In the night it sounds thunderous one minute, and distant at others.  I’m longing for that moment,  like in an aeroplane at the end of a long flight, when they announce ‘doors to manual’ and suddenly the noise that has been oppressing you for the last 9 hours is lifted, and you feel lighter and more clear headed.

It’s sent me to the thesaurus to find the right word for the noise, a hum, a drone, a purr, a buzz, a whir?  Is it droning, purring, pulsating or vibrating?  I’m not sure, but I may have to go out of the house to avoid it.

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  1. Have you been flooded out? Or serious roof leak? Must be serious if you’ve had to call in Hum. I think he’s cute, plus you could him to stand your christmas tree on. 🙂

    • Something in the central heating exploded while I was out. There was a lot of water. But I’m trying to be philosophical. Hum is going his stuff, but there will be no Christmas tree this year I fear, ad there is so much stuff out of cupboards and displaced around the flat drying out


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