Changing Seasons

IMG00709-20121212-0949It was a beautifully frosty and crisp morning yesterday and many of the park and trees were covered in a crusty crunching layer of white hoar.  There are always lots of spiders around (at least that’s my excuse for the cobwebs that collect in the ceiling corners in my flat), and the frost made them all the more visible on cars and bushes.

I was pleased to see that the best one I found was on my car.  I don’t know how long spiders live, but I fancy that I’ve had this spider, or one of it’s relations in my car pretty much since I got it.

The site of the web brings both wonder at the extraordinary feat of engineering in creating the shape and construction of the thing, as well as the story of Charlotte’s Web. It’s very easy to believe that a creature with imagination capable of strategic thinking is behind this creation.

I wonder if it will survive when I have to go out in the car?

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  1. i hate to think of the size of the spider that constructed that.


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