IMG_2914Very pleased yesterday to have collected my newly framed limited edition Gillian Holding print from the framing shop.

I spent a long time choosing the frame, trying to decide between a bright contrasting elaborate designs of various colours and something plainer, simpler and less showy.  I’m pleased with the simple gold look.

The man on duty when I collected it couldn’t stop himself from commenting on the colour of the hair, not particularly favourably.  I told him that was the thing I liked most about it.

I’m pleased that the glass provides the reflective surface of the original work which is covered with a layer of shiny resin; and there I am in the shadows taking the photograph.

Now I’ve just to select the perfect place to hang it…..

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  1. she is gorgeous, and the frame is perfect for it. She’d look damn good on my wall!!!

    • Thank you. I’ve passed on your comments to Gillian…. I’ve still not quite decided where she shall hang…..

  2. Not too keen on the hat? That’s a man for you … it’s a fabulous head-dress 🙂 A new acquisition’s always a time for playing musical paintings in my house, as I try new combinations, themes, colour schemes – I can see you’ll have lots of fun with this lady 🙂

    • I like to think it’s her hair! I’m trying to avoid musical paintings, but think I’ve settled on a spot.

      • I’m glad you’ve settled on a place for her!

        I brought home my new painting – my farewell Sri Lanka present to myself, pink too, very pink – and was devastated it doesn’t have a ‘string’ for hanging. Now I’ll have to take her out again and have a hanging mechanism installed before I can hang her over the void where I can see her all the time till I leave.

      • That is just so frustrating. I hope you get it sorted so you can appreciate it in the time before you have to pack up! Clearly I approve whole heartedly of the pink!

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