Delicate By Sunset

IMG_2732I’ve enjoyed reading the definitions of ‘delicate’, the photo prompt for this week especially after looking at the picture which accompanied the prompt itself, a particularly noxious looking combination of green leaves and pink grapefruit segments doused in oil; ‘delicate’ would have been the last word I would have used to describe it.  Maybe my understanding of the word diverges from the common usage…..

I am reassured that my Oxford English Dictionary has confirmed my view.  It is fine in texture, soft, slender, slight, of exquisite workmanship, and (of food) dainty and palatable, (or colour) subdued or subtle; easily injured, ticklish, deft and avoiding the offensive or immodest.

So, not a word easily associated with grapefruit under any circumstances.

So instead, I offer you seaside grasses by sunset.  They are soft and slender, so might qualify as delicate, even if they are not fragile, bending as they do to withstand the wind spreading their seed to continue for the next season.  It’s all in a delicate balance.

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