The End of the Hiatus

You’ve probably noticed, I’ve had a little break since Christmas, a bit of a hiatus between post 699 and 700.  It wasn’t really a plan, but the result, probably, of feeling a little jaded and regrouping for a few days.  But as New Year relentlessly follows on from Christmas, we all have to face those dismal opportunities to reflect on the 12 months just about to finish, and feel the pressure to make something different happen for the coming 52 weeks.

I dislike the fakeness of it.  We can make a change, or remain the same on any day of the year, or at any moment during the day; instead of sitting wondering what to do next I could do something I’ve never done before now; I don’t  have to wait until an arbitrary moment as the page turns in a calendar.

There are many people who wonder that while I usually spend Christmas in Scotland, I very rarely spend Hogmanay there.  Isn’t Scotland the best place for New Year’s Eve? they ask, and I always have to say that I prefer not to.  It always feels like a rather forced celebration to me, and perhaps more significantly, it goes on for far to long.  I much prefer to go to bed at the usual time and then get up fresh and early the next morning.  Where’s the pleasure in being sleep deprived and a bit hungover after staying up longer than you really wanted to?

If pressed, I would say the New Year’s eves I remember best are the less elaborate ones, of going to a late afternoon showing at the cinema, a cup of tea with friends and then home before all the drunk people hit the streets, or the year I was sitting in my car in the tube station car park, listening to the radio as Big Ben struck midnight, waiting for a friend whose flight had been delayed, or the two years I went to Red Square in Moscow, because I could walk home afterwards, when the crowd started throwing fireworks and smashing shampanski bottles on the cobbles, or of being with friends having a nice dinner, glancing out of the window at the fire works in Prague or Edinburgh, raising a glass and then retiring to bed.

This year I shall be with friends, and I’m hoping for sun on January 1, as the South African amongst them is planning a brai.

Don’t be constrained by the conventional calendar constraints!

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  1. You surprised me – vamoosing out of Scotland for New Year – but that’s an attitude, especially about New Year, that I agree with whole-heartedly. 🙂

  2. Hope you get some sun for your braai. I think it’s wishful thinking, though 🙂


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