Twelve Photos

How representative of the experiences of the last year can a collection of a dozen photos be?

I set a couple of rules.  One photo per month, to the best of my recollection, not previously used in this blog.

What sort of year can this have been….?

Click on a picture and you’ll see the full caption…. and the whole photo.

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  1. Lovely pics, more trees/sky than anything else. Guess you do spend most of your time looking up 🙂 But you should have included at least one sketchy pic. You spent a lot of time getting your hands dirty with charcoal this year.

    • All true, but the rules I set myself had that impact – not using any photos I had featured in the blog effectively excluded the sketchy pictures. I wondered if I could give an ‘alternative’ view of the year, as represented by the other orphan photos in the 2012 archive…..

  2. Caught up at last – couldn’t believe it has been almost two weeks since i popped in to see you! Some lovely reads there as I commiserated with you over the technological glitch created by a traffic accident, read your reviews and looked at your pictures – particularly those marvellous fans you saw being made in Japan. Here, a fan like that – and beautiful too – would be something I’d snap up whenever I saw it!

    • Wow, good to have you back. I missed you. It is surprising just how much all these little snippets add up to even when I don’t think I’ve put very much on the posts. A good fan is always a handy thing to have but those Japanese lacquer ones were way out of my price range. The broadband supply is still very lumpy suggesting that the repair done at the roadside was a bit of a botch.

  1. 2013 « Nice piece of work

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