So much for good intentions….

I have been foiled at the first hurdle of regular posting into my third year by an annoying technical failure. Both my telephone landline and my broadband ceased functioning on Sunday evening. Several calls to the tortuous ‘Dial 1 for this, dial 2 for that, dial 3 to be plunged into the abyss…….dial 9 if you’ve given up hope’, has, so far, yielded nothing more than several text messages saying it should be fixed by January 8, maybe.

Meanwhile I am reliant on my mobile telephone, which is a good country mile from being technologically up to date, and which is very grudging in its online access.

It has, of course, made me realise how hopelessly dependent I have become on the internet, and also how much time I probably waste checking on the weather, the running of the trains and the news headlines before I even step outside of the house.

My regular trips to the spare room to check on the indicator lights on the modem, to see if service has been miraculously restored without me noticing, reminds me of my summer routine in my flat in Moscow. For six or seven weeks each year the centrally supplied hot water was switched off, and the quickest way to check if it had been restored while I was out at work was to feel the temperature of the towel rail in the bathroom which was right by the front door. It became my routine, close the front door, turn the key in the lock, and reach out with my right hand towards the cylindrical bars of the rail. How happy I was when it was warm to the touch, and I didn’t have to rely on boiling the kettle to do the washing up, or on the electric shower that either scalded or froze me with water like needles.

I’m anticipating that same happy relief when in see that little blue ‘b’ lit up on the modem again.

Until then, I will attempt to keep in touch by either locating a currently elusive wifi I can use, or pick my way through the odd post on my complaining telephone……

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  1. Ugh, how frustrating. — and how it reinforces our ‘hopeless dependence’, as you say. Hope you get sorted soon. Otherwise you might have to take up knitting and finish that cardigan at the back of your cupboard.


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