The Wait Goes On…..

This is a new experience, searching for wifi internet access close to home.  I should never really need to do it, should I? I pay a reasonably hefty monthly subscription  to have access to the information superhighway from the comfort of my own sofa.

It should only be when I’m away from home that I have to worry about tracking down a hot spot; and I do have a fairly extensive repertoire of places I know which will accommodate me in central London, both north and south of the river(!), in Scotland when I go for visits and in other random places around the world.  But close to home?  I’ve never had to think about it until now.  I don’t often go out for a cup of coffee. Wwhy would I when I have a nespresso machine at home which makes better coffee than is available in most cafes?  So I have no idea if any of the locals offer a wifi side order. If the current technological breakdown continues I may have to start research.

In the meantime, I’ve come to  the gym, where I’m sitting in the lounge area.  Although I am a frequent user of the gym, I usually walk straight through this area and into the studio for a class, and then go straight home afterwards.  It’s not a place I would ever have thought of sitting for any extended period of time.  And the things you see.  Who knew?  All of human life is here, albeit clad mainly in sweat pants and training shoes (although some would benefit from a little more cladding.)  There’s some vigorous vacuuming going on above my head, which is nearly, but not quite, drowning out the tinny sound of the high tempo music pumped out to encourage increased effort, and the television is showing what looks like an Indian/Pakistan cricket match of some sort. It’s unlikely to divert me from the task in hand….

And even doing nothing more than sitting still typing, I’m too warm.  Imagine what it’s like when there’s actual exercise involved.

There’ is no news on my home internet yet, apart from a text message last night informing me that the fault is affecting ‘many people’ which is delaying the repair.  Clearly any assumption that because it is affecting many people the repair should be expedited, is a foolish fantasy.

Through the local grapevine, however, I have heard tell that the problem is a result of a car accident on Sunday evening.  Apparently a BT box was knocked over.  So for all the fibre optic, infinite capacity, expensive technology, fancy modem and little flashing lights, the phone company still has metal boxes on the pavement at the side of the road which are susceptible to being knocked over and rendered useless by a driver taking a wrong turn.  Maybe the next technical upgrades could be to move the boxes somewhere safer?

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