IMG_0936I was reminded this week of what a poor shopper I am.  I frequently feel over faced by the racks of merchandise that faces me when go into shops, and the idea of ‘retail therapy’ as a relaxation is a complete mystery to me.  I ventured out into the January sales as gingerly as ever and entirely failed to buy anything, even though I had a budget and a list.  Maybe it was having the list that was the problem; I’m a much better impulse purchaser, when things simply jump out at me and demand to be bought.

There’s much more pleasure in looking at things which I know are far too expensive to afford: there’s no pressure to buy or to make a choice, instead I can just admire them.  Sometimes seeing one beautiful thing is enough, other times, seeing a multiplicity of them is better, especially when they are carefully arranged.

I saw these fans in a workshop in Kyoto in Japan.  We’d had the opportunity to see how the fans were made, in a small business, by hand, by elderly women sitting around a table in concentrated work, folding and working the paper, and blowing between the layers to create the space into which the wooden batons could be inserted.  Lovely to look at, no need to buy, and the photo to remember it by.

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  1. simonsundarajkeun

     /  January 6, 2013

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