A Little Domesticty

IMG00719-20130114-1814I’m still having trouble with my internet connection, so the post today will of necessity be brief.  I’ve been indulging a little domestic tidying up.  Ironing isn’t my favourite activity; it may date back to the 1970s when I had to negotiated increases in pocket money with my father based on inflation and increased productivity (in my case doing the ironing), but however it arose, the consequence is that I dislike it.

This ironing board was particularly irksome as its cover kept rucking up in use; but look at the new cover I’ve found.  It’s too big, but it stays in place and it’s wordplay, which for the moment, is enough to at least make me use it for a short session, so at least I have smooth pillow cases on which to sleep.


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  1. I don’t believe in ironing. I don’t own anything that needs to be ironed. Nathan was at our place getting ready to go out one night and he wanted to iron his shirt – Alex and I just looked at him and laughed like hyenas, like – anyone know where the iron is? hahahaha

    • Ha. It sounds like a very good strategy. I don’t iron much, but I do have to have a nice smoothly ironed pillow case, and usually it’s only when the stock of those has run out that I make myself do any ironling!

  2. I don’t mind ironing that much – especially if I’ve a new ironing board cover that stays in place and/or isn’t full of holes where someone has burned it to tissue thinness … ! It’s dusting I hate, the louvres and venetians especially – you’ll not be surprised I have neither if I can help it, despite the superior climate control qualities of louvres 🙂

  3. Ironing… bleh!


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