Art of Angel

IMG00726-20130117-1802There are so many images on the walls and the platforms of London Underground stations, that, unless there is a particularly irksome delay that leaves me stranded on a platform with no reading material other than that plastered to the walls, I tend to filter it all out without paying attention.

Occasionally I do pause to read the Poems on the Underground which are posted on trains, and now, for a short while, there are art works on display in the corridors of Angel Tube station.  Organised by ArtBelow, they are being shown in conjunction with an exhibition at a nearby gallery space.

I knew to look out for them, as one of the pieces is by my friend Gillian Holding, so you can imagine how slowly and carefully I looked at everything on the walls to find it.  Or I would have done it slowly had I not been caught up in full on rush hour crowds.  Gillian’s piece is right at the foot of the escalator, so I had to step out of the throng and press myself against the wall in order to have a look at it, and to attempt a little basic photography. (It’s really not at all easy to take a photo in a moving crowd!) A few heads turned to look at me, not because of the photography, but for the fact that I wasn’t rushing towards the exit like everyone else.  Why would anyone stop there? their quizzical expressions asked.

IMG00730-20130117-2124The piece is called ‘Family Man’, and was, I think, part of Gillian’s response to the financial crisis, reflecting that inside each city gent in a suit there might be a person with more emotions than just greed and ambition, that there might be a gentle caring father; combined with the idea that the child is father of the man.

I’m very proud of her to see Gillian’s work in such a public place, and I hope that some of the hundreds of people who huddle in this spot waiting for their turn to step onto the escalator pause for a moment to look at it.

There are posters of the works of 20 artists at the station; go and have a look, although it’s probably best to avoid rush hour.

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