Snow Covered Statues

IMG_2934I’ve had an inspirational weekend in Paris, a bit of culture (blog posts will follow for sure), several cafés, fruits de mer, lots of walking, and of course, snow.

To give you a little taster here is a small collection of ‘statues and snow’.   It is so unusual to have so much white snow visible, and lying in the centre of the city; one lady I passed in the street as we trudged through several inches, volunteered that it was the worst she had ever seen.


 It is equally rare to see snow nestling in the nooks and crannies of statues and monuments, and I particularly enjoyed the snow up the inside of de Gaulle’s leg.

IMG_2927I enjoyed looking up and around and taking the shots.  Even though I’ve been to Paris scores of time, it’s the first time in a long time that I’ve felt inspired to take photographs.  So hail to the snow for giving a new perspective and enthusiasm.


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