Hark at Us


What’s wring with red wine in the afternoon?

A Parisian café table, it’s just the place for debate and contemplation isn’t it?  You can sit with a friend and pretend to be Sartre and de Beauvoir, or Gertrude Stein and her coterie, whenever you are minded, you can set the world to rights or reminisce or tell tall tales; it’s also a place where it’s possible to sit in company and do entirely your own thing, reading, writing, drawing or simply watching the world go by.

Even travelling with a friend, and nowhere near the Left Bank, we were able to pile our books on the table and read, chat and do whatever we fancied.  At one café, on Saturday afternoon, G spent time sketching while I sat on the opposite side of the table writing.  Hark at us and our boundless creativity.


Getting lots of things done……

I so enjoyed my weekend that I think I have now regained my ability to enjoy the city.  I used to travel there regularly and frequently for work. They were not always happy sojourns, so that I developed a near physical aversion to Gare du Nord; the bap bap bada chimes which precede the public announcements in the station could induce a feeling of anxious nausea.  It’s such a relief to have new, good memories to overlay thepoor ones, and to remember and rediscover the fun of the place.

Do pop over to her blog and see the results of Gillian’s sketching.

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  1. Pleased for you. Also, what’s with the cigarette? I take it that’s not yours !

    • Now that’s really odd, as we didn’t have a cigarette as neither of us smokes (and you’re not allowed to smoke inside in France), and I can’t work out from looking at the photographs again what there is that might be a cigarette….. give me a clue..?

  2. Heaven – sitting with a friend, while you both sketch and write! And all of this in Paris. It’s always great to replace bad memories with good ones.

    • Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment Gabriela. I can whole heartedly recommend cafe surfing for stirring up creativity!


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