Drawing by Night

IMG_2975I’m back in drawing class.  Well, if I’m to be entirely truthful, I was back in the studio last week, but I didn’t share the results with you because I had a torrid time with results that even I wasn’t prepared to show to anything other than the bin.  It’s  an evening class this term, and last week I did begin to wonder if it might be a mistake, 18:30 to 21:00 not really being the most productive hours of the day for me.

This week was much better, perhaps because we were out in the cold fresh air, in Borough Market looking at the environment, the buildings, the shapes and the varying shade of darkness.  After 6 on a Thursday the market area is empty and apart from the locked up stalls, with a clear view of all the intricate iron work, but around the edges all the bars and restaurants are humming and bursting at the seams.

I stood under a street light with my sketchbook, fully anticipating being harassed by a passing drunk, no-one even looked in my direction twice.

The optimum place from which to sketch of course, is somewhere sitting down, and I found a spot on the bottom of a column beside on the edge of the pavement….. and I discovered a new hazard to drawing outside: risking having a taxi skim across the tops of my toes as it sweeps up to drop his fare off at Roast, the restaurant upstairs at the market.

I continue in my efforts to get move on from drawing so tentatively.  It’s heavy on the charcoal use (I ran out) but at least it’s not tentative.

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