Shadow – A Photo

IMG_2918I love it when a random photograph taken simply because the camera was at hand, and a pattern or a shape has caught my eye, gets an outing.  I would never have taken a shot like this before the age of digital photography; or I might have done, but it would have been a mistake when I was replacing the film, or accidentally pressed the shutter button storing it away.  But these days I take all sorts of insignificant things, if the light intrigues me, or I want to remember the colour of something, or, just because.

In my drawing classes I have discovered that not everyone is drawn to pattern in the same way as I am; and in my writing I know that the telling detail is what can define a character or a situation.  Some day soon, knowing the colour of freshly fallen snow on a Parisian balcony under the street lamps, and remarking how the flakes can collect in the curves and corners of the balustrade, are going to be important, I’m certain of it.  It always a good thing to be a noticing sort of person……

And thanks to Ailsa for giving me just another excuse.

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