More Enthusiasm Than Talent

IMG_2977I’m really not getting any better at this drawing game, but I keep going back to the classes.  Yesterday was all about tone, and lots and lots of charcoal. some of which stayed on the paper, other, inevitably, ended up on my hands and face.

Life drawing is still my least favourite activity of the process of learning to draw, and I still really struggle with tone, in seeing all the gradations of light and shade, let alone replicating them on the page.

This was a 30 minute pose.  First we had to cover the sheet of paper with a dark layer of charcoal, and then try to create a drawing of the model by using a putty rubber only, so taking away rather than putting on; and once it was gone it was gone.  It looks awful, I know, but it’s the best thing I’ve managed to date using that method.

We’re drawing outside again next week, a much more congenial prospect for me.

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  1. well, what you are doing isn’t easy. The experts and professionals make it look easy, so good for you for persevering. I would have thrown in the charcoal a long time ago 🙂


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